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An Effective and Trackable Approach to Gaining Leads

Effective advertising can often be the missing link when trying to grow your practice. Targeting your message to reach your ideal client, where they spend time, translates to delivering your message to prospective clients when they need your services. 


Advocati Marketing shares in your goal of growing your law firm and client base. We know incorporating advertising into your overall marketing strategy is essential to achieving your goals. When you partner with Advocati Marketing we will develop a customized advertising strategy that will exceed your goals while staying within your budget.

Types of Advertising for Attorneys and Law Firms:

  • Digital Advertising 
    A cost-effective and trackable approach to gaining new leads.

  • TV
    Boost your firm's visibility to a broad audience with TV Advertising.

  • Print
    Print Advertising is a powerful way to capture potential clients' attention and remain top of mind.

  • Direct Mail
    Direct Mail has a very high response rate compared to other marketing techniques. 

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Benefits of Advertising

Builds trust in
local markets



Boosts Brand Awareness

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