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Website Design & Development

Investing in a website design that is tailored to your specific practice area is crucial to increasing engagement and interest with your firm. We can design your website to make a powerful first impression, generate new leads and convert them to clients.

When you choose Advocati Marketing to design and develop your website, you get a team for your project. We are marketers, designers and developers that build engaging, aesthetically pleasing, mobile-friendly, optimized attorney websites. Our team takes the time to understand your firm, your practice, your ideal client and the goals you want to accomplish with your website.  

In order for your website to generate leads and revenue, your website needs to do more than just look pretty. It needs to be functional. Our websites are not only professional-looking, but designed for user experience. Our websites are designed with easy-to-navigate features so that your current and prospective clients can find the information they need. Whether you are a solo practitioner with one practice area or a large law firm with many practice areas, our team will develop a website that generates business for you.

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Tips for a Successful Website:


Your website needs to convert viewers into clients, not just look pretty


Write content that answers questions to establish yourself as the expert in your practice area


Our proven SEO strategies help your website rank on search engines


No one wants to wait for a site to load

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Need Marketing Help?

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To learn how we can help you develop a custom marketing strategy, call 1-866-863-7738 to schedule a free consultation.
Designed and developed to perform well on any device

With the majority of website traffic coming from mobile phones and tablets, your website MUST have a mobile-friendly design. More so, mobile-first indexing has become commonplace. Responsive and optimized mobile websites help your rank in search engines, especially Google! 

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