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Video Production

Create quality video content that can be used for more than just commercials for online and television advertisements

Videos have become the popular choice for content consumption today. Whether your message is meant to educate your current clients, introduce your firm to prospective clients, promote your services on TV and social media or something else, it is hard to deny how powerful video marketing is. Did you know that 1 billion hours of YouTube content is viewed daily?

Advocati Marketing handles all aspects of production to create video and audio content for television, radio, social media and clients’ websites. Video content can help increase engagement on digital and social channels, educate an audience, and allow a firm to reach them with a new medium. Being both entertaining and visual, videos can help firms expand their client base and increase revenue.


When you engage Advocati Marketing with your video project, you will have access to our extensive image and music library to incorporate into the project. 


We handle all aspects of production:


Casting Voice & Acting Talent

Photo/Video Production

Photo/Video Editing

Ad Buys & Placement


Special Introductory Offer

Come in and tour our new studio. In celebration of our studio expansion, we are offering a free headshot or 30 second pitch using our green screen.
*One Session Per Firm. Expires 12/31/23.

Types Of Videos For Lawyer Marketing

Firm Overview

Explainer Videos

OTT (Over the Top) Ads

Video Blogs

Attorney Profiles


CTV (Connected TV) Ads

Video Webinars

Practice Area Overviews


Social Media

View Our Television Commercial Samples:

This channel is coming soon!