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Branding is what gives your firm its identity and brings it to life. Good branding will connect with your prospective clients and help them become clients.

It’s true. The way you present your firm to a potential client getting to know you and what your firm can do for them matters. Creating a cohesive identity for your firm is important. Your law firm is an extension of you, so it should be the best representation of you. 

The team at Advocati Marketing takes the time to get to know your firm and the vision you have. We also research your target audience to help build your strategy. Having this deep understanding of your practice is pivotal to your firm’s success. Our creative team then takes our findings and crafts your firm’s identity. ​


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What a Solid Brand Strategy Can Do For Your Firm



Establish Brand Recognition

Maintain Your
Firm's Image

Form Trusting


View Our Logo Samples:

The face of your firm. Your visual identity. Your logo serves a purpose and we design your logo with purpose. In order for your logo to best represent you, Advocati Marketing gets to know your firm, assesses your competition and gets to know your clients. Logo creation sets the stage for your brand guidelines.


View Our Business Cards & Stationery Samples:

After meeting a prospective client, this is the lasting impression of your firm. Make sure you stand out and your business cards represent your firm. Our designers will also create custom letterhead and stationery that aligns with your branding. 

View Our Presentation Folder Samples:

When meeting with clients, you often have a lot of information for them. Make sure they have a place to store it that is easily identifiable.


Events are a great way to get in front of prospective clients and have them get to know your firm and the services you offer. Make sure your firm is on display with the appropriate signage! 

View Our Display & Signage Samples:

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