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TV Advertising

Promote your law firm with carefully tailored advertising.

Create compelling commercials to establish your firm as an authority and generate a response from prospective clients with TV advertising. Limited budgets don’t mean limited exposure. Our knowledgeable team has the skills to develop a compelling commercial to reach your target audience.  


With many people cutting the cable cord and streaming tv via the internet, streaming services such as Youtube and Hulu are alternatives to traditional media buys for tv marketing and benefit attorneys greatly. For traditional TV advertising, the commercial is typically a generic and broad campaign for a mass audience. OTT/CT allows for targeted messaging based on your goals and is customized for different audiences.  


Whether you want to implement a traditional television campaign or you prefer to target your campaigns to OTT and CTV audiences, Advocati Marketing will create a television campaign that draws new leads and potential clients to your firm. We work with you from the initial concept to delivering your advertisement to the public. 


Partnering with Advocati Marketing means you will receive your desired results.

We handle everything from start to finish:

Script Writing

Video Production and Editing

Ad Buys & Placement


Watch Our Video Production Video


Need Marketing Help?

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Benefits of Print Advertising

Builds trust in
local markets


Leaves longer impressions

No technology
required to read

View Our Television Commercial Samples:

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