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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What good is a great website if nobody sees it? Advocati Marketing can implement SEO techniques to help your website be discovered. 

In order to be successful with SEO campaigns, IT TAKES WORK. Focus on your clients and allow Advocati Marketing to build your web presence. Our team will build and manage your SEO strategy to get your firm’s site at the top of search results.

SEO creates the foundation for all other digital marketing efforts. You have invested in your website. Now let your investment (SEO) work for you. ​

Our SEO Services Include:

Did you know that integrating videos into your website can greatly improve your SEO? Click here to learn more.


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Website Optimization

Your firm’s website without search engine optimization (SEO) is like a grocery store without food. SEO takes a piece of information and optimizes it so search engines put your website towards the top of their results when someone searches for information.

Local Optimization

When prospective clients are searching for a lawyer, they are most likely looking for one near them. Using local SEO allows your firm to be more visible based on its geographic location.


Content Creation

You NEED quality content on every page of your website. Google recently gave away unprecedented access to how they rank their results. You guessed it: content was in the top three determining factors. Advocati Marketing has attorneys on staff to draft high-quality content, so your website copy will be written and optimized by a team of attorneys and website marketers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Organic search is often a long and challenging uphill battle to win, especially for new firms and websites. With Pay-Per-Click advertising, you get the instant exposure you need to get ahead of your competitors. Advocati Marketing has developed a strategy that will deliver the high ROI that you expect. We don’t guess what keywords we think will work. We take the time to analyze your practice, develop a strategy, and implement the keywords in your campaign that will drive prospective clients to your site to ultimately become your client. Did you know receiving these top-quality leads can be budget-friendly?

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