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Brad Swezey

Brad Swezey is a Veteran Air Force officer from West Islip, New York.  He has experience at the local, national and international level in public relations and marketing. He is a co-founder of Advocati Marketing.

He has served in a variety of positions in and outside of government, including positions at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Strategic Command, Air Force Space Command, the National Guard Bureau, the President of the United States Air Force Wing, and the Air Force’s (Now Space Force) premiere space launch wing at Cape Canaveral and Patrick Air Force Base, where he was the Director of Public Affairs for this organization of more than 14,000 people and an annual economic impact of $1.18 Billion. He also served as the General Manager of BLilley productions, responsible for the operations of some of the largest air shows in the country, including Ft Lauderdale, Ocean City, and Melbourne.

He has been helping small businesses and professional organizations integrate their marketing and public relations for maximum results since 2013, after leaving government service.

Brad graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with Academic Honors in 2002, attended Georgetown University Law Center, and holds a Masters of Science degree from Air University.

In addition to his work, Brad has served as a Governor of Florida appointee to the Cape Canaveral Hospital board, the Executive Director of the National Guard Association of Colorado, and the Executive Director of the Air, Sea and Space Foundation. He is a Board Member for the Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies in Charlotte County, Florida.

He also has written a regular column on Small Business Marketing for one of the largest newspapers in Florida, Florida Today.


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