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Television & Video: Grab Clients’ Attention Before They Need You

According to computer software giant Adobe, streaming devices like Roku, PlayStation, Apple TV and the Amazon FireTV have grown in popularity by nearly four hundred percent since 2015. Thanks to these TV-connected devices, and the newly accessible online streaming services for live news and sporting events, television is back in a big way, and it’s time to take advantage of the trend. Communicate with current and prospective clients in a professional and highly visible platform with a series of television commercials.

Though cable is still widely popular, the internet is where many now get their news and media.

News stations have begun to stream their content to accommodate the preferences of over half of American adults (aged 18 to 54). Preference changes mark a shift in the television commercial market – since online viewers consume less than a minute of advertisements before or during their content, they are more likely to watch through commercials, making online ads more visible than even cable.

Regional stations like News12 Long Island and NBC New York now offer advertising opportunities for cable and online streaming advertisements. A well-placed ad, such as a personal injury practice taking the commercial break during a live stream of the NFL, can work wonders both in growing awareness for the firm and in establishing strong new client leads.

It’s important for lawyers and law firms alike to produce new commercials a least once a year to keep the advertising fresh and unique. Each commercial should have a new, engaging story to draw in the viewer and keep his or her attention. Creative script-writing is key to keeping viewer interest. Our production company works exclusively law firms. Advocati has written and produced legal commercials for over a decade.

From 30 second commercials and practice overviews to topical discussions and testimonials, our agency is highly experienced in developing attorney videos and optimally sharing those videos on the web and social media. Utilizing your digital assets is an important part of a successful television campaign; much of your TV audience will look to your website for confirmation of your practice’s professionality, so being easy to find online is crucial. Incorporating a digital marketing strategy that complements the branding you have aired on TV will help circulate your commercial and firm information, bringing in new leads and clients.

For more information on how you can effectively advertise and grow your practice using television ads, contact us at 1-866-774-5299.

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