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  • Brad Swezey

How to Leverage Your LinkedIn for Networking in Law

LinkedIn has become a huge tool for networking within the professional landscape. Its use is even more prevalent in fields where connections can significantly impact career trajectory, like law. Here’s our best advice on how to make the most of your LinkedIn for the legal sector.

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Optimize Your Profile

Your LinkedIn profile should act as your digital business card. Be sure to update all sections of your profile. This includes your bio with a headline and summary. Fill out the “Skills & Endorsements” and “Recommendations” sections. Recommendations from respected professionals in your field add credibility to your profile. Don’t hesitate to request recommendations from clients or coworkers who can vouch for you. 

Grow Your Network

Extend connections to your colleagues, professors and former coworkers. Don't hesitate to connect with admired legal professionals; a personalized connection request can go a long way. Join relevant LinkedIn groups whether it's law firms or the bar association, and stay up to date with top voices. Engaging with their content can increase your visibility and provide insights into the current trends within the legal industry. 

Share Valuable Content

Showcase your own skills by sharing insightful content to your network. Post articles, commentaries on recent legal developments, or even your analyses of landmark cases. Regularly sharing and engaging with content helps keep you engaged with your network. Consider writing LinkedIn articles to delve deeper into topics you’re passionate about, which can attract attention from peers and potential employers alike.

Engage Actively

Networking is a two-way street. Engage with your connections by commenting on their posts, endorsing their skills, and congratulating them on their achievements. These simple interactions build stronger relationships and demonstrate your active involvement in the legal community.

Leveraging Your LinkedIn as an Attorney

Advocati Marketing can help you stand out from your competition and develop a strategic social media strategy to connect with potential clients. For more information about how to leverage your LinkedIn for networking in law, please contact for a free consultation.


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