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  • John Zaher

Stand Out with a Premium Website

The Yellow Pages is no longer potential clients’ go-to when selecting an attorney to represent them. Instead, most Americans prefer to do research online, comparing and contrasting different firms before deciding with whom to initiate contact. Because of this fact, it is crucial for law firms to not only have a web presence in general, but to have a web presence that sets them apart. An engaging, easy-to-read website where clients can effortlessly find the information they are seeking is a good place to start. A fluid user experience, or UX, is a crucial element in maintaining a strong web presence. One simple way to smooth over UX is developing a website which potential clients can easily navigate directly from their mobile device. Creating a mobile-friendly website is essential to ensuring that visitors to your site stay long enough to become leads.

One way to cultivate leads is calls to action – in other words, steps that an average consumer might take in order to become a client, like placing a call to your firm or filling out a contact form for a free consultation. Calls to action, such as “Learn More”, “Chat with Us” or “Call Us Today”, encourage interested parties to contact your attorneys and initiate a relationship with your firm.

As you build your practice or require a greater online audience, you may find it necessary to expand on these basic principles. Our premium web design package is fully customizable; we design your website around your practice areas and the people you serve.

Your law firm deserves new and recurring business. Take your marketing to the next level with a premium website. For more information please call 1-866-774-5299.


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